About Us

Who are these people?

If you are here either you know one of us or you were looking for someone else and found yourself here by accident. 

Regardless, I would like to welcome you!

My name is Alicia Zinn and I am a teacher, designer, artist, adventurer, reader, writer, daughter, and friend. 

The handsome guy in the pictures with me is John (Andrew if you are family) Malcomb he is a hard worker, an amazing son and sibling, a total nerd, and really tall! Well tall enough to reach the high shelves I can't reach.

How did this adorable couple meet?

Would you believe it if I told you that you could meet the love of your life on a couple of dating apps?

I say a couple because it took two of them to actually bring us together in the long run. We originally matched on Tinder back in June 2019. We messaged on the app for a week or so and then when we were ready to meet up we moved to text. 

We met in person for coffee on July 1st, 2019.

That week I had just gotten back from picking up all my stuff that was in Texas. After living with my grandparents for a year my grandmother asked me to make an effort to find a way to make a life for myself by moving out and I was still looking for a job. So I needed a break from dating. So even though he reached out when he got back we still fell out of touch.

Fast Forward to Jan 2nd, 2021

I'm home with Covid and went to put my dating apps on hold but saw John's Bumble profile and remembered having been on a date with him and that it had been crazy bad timing I decided to be bold and text him to see if he remembered me.

Since then we have texted every day. 

We didn't get to meet again until Jan 16th, 2021 because I had to get out of my quarantine and he ended up having to work 9 days straight. But when we met again on we basically talked for 6 hours straight. It had been a long time since I had spent that much uninterrupted time with someone. I also found out that his absence at home was noticed by his family. We knew that we had something then. 

Ten days later we were Facebook Official! Which means very little as he barely uses Facebook.

Our texts after we met

Me texting him after a year & a half with him responding like no time had passed.

He asked and I said Yes!

On the evening of April 5th, John and I went hiking and I introduced him to the joy of hammocking! As we were hiking back to the car we stopped to admire the view that can be seen in the second picture and in the back of the first. He found his moment to propose! I immediately responded with a yes! I am so happy to be spending the rest of my life building a life together with this man. He balances me out. Anchors me when I need an anchor. Supports and trusts me. He has so much integrity and respects me and understands me. When I am with him I feel at home more than I have ever felt at home in a place!