Food For Thought

Our Meal Planning System

My husband and I are both on the spectrum. In the last year, I have found that some simple tools like a dry-erase calendar and a list of meals we regularly enjoy take away the stress of meal planning and make a few other monthly tasks easier to track and update on the fly. Every week my husband puts the number of the corresponding meal in the bottom corner of the days of the week. This is our current list and it's easy to update or add a new meal. It's super flexible and works really well for us. 

Having a simple list gives us a consistent option when it comes to grocery shopping. I go to the same two places to do most of my grocery shopping.  So my husband and I are able to maintain a list using Google Keep that both of us can uncheck or add anything to the list for me to get when I am shopping. To make it more fun my husband is quite creative when it comes to adding new things to the list. I find myself trying to figure out what he added because he has a lot of fun with the names of the items.