Dress Shopping & Pinterest!

For Bridesmaids or Honorary Bridesmaids

If I sent you this link you know you are considered at least an honorary bridesmaid. I am keeping the bridal party small because the wedding will be small. But I want for everyone near and far to at least be able to be a part of the process. For those who want to see my ideas for our wedding, I have a Pinterest board the link is below. 

Not quite 27 dresses...

More like three to five (only three pictured). In these times of Covid mindful people they try to keep the number of dresses down as they have to sanitize every dress tried on by a customer. Despite my sales rep not showing up I still had a lovely visit at David's Bridal and was able to find the dress (I saved those pictures for last). Sam the hostess was incredibly attentive as our sales rep apparently got stuck in traffic or something. Jenny (My amazing Bridesmaid) was able to help me in and out of the ones I tried on and take the pictures we have on here.